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From filling breakfast options to lip smacking snacks, from sumptuous lunch to dinner options, from vegetarian delicacies to non-vegetarian delights; SpiceJet offers a multitude of meal choices on pre-booking.

Pamper your taste-buds by pre-booking meals/sandwiches of choice 24 hours prior to departure or choose between a vegetarian / non-vegetarian meal/sandwich up to 6 hours prior to departure.

Special meals like Jain meal, Navratra meal, meal for diabetics, gluten free meal and special cakes are also available only on pre-booking.

Hotmeals can be pre-booked by simply selecting a meal of your choice from our web menu during the booking process or anytime after by using the “Manage My Booking” option on, and paying the corresponding add-on fee.

All hot meal options are served along with accompaniments. Pre-book a HotMeal now and give a red, hot & spicy treat to your taste buds.

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